Making it pretty

The goal of our project is of course to make a functional engineering masterpiece. But along with that we want to create something that is also easy for the eyes. That is why we need once in a while to get in touch with our inner artists.

So after initial disasters (and cleaning my backpack from paint) me (Veli), Joel and Juuso grabbed our sandblaster and showed the old paintwork of the calipers who’s the boss. The old paint flew off and after cleaning the parts we were ready to apply the new paint (yellow – because it looks cool). After two coats of paint the calipers were ready to be installed back to our moped.

Wroom Wroom!

Finally a major breakthrough!

We have our electric system up and running. Our Cycle Analyst (CA) gets a control signal from the Electronic Throttle and then the CA sends that signal to our ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). The ESC controls the motors speed and direction.

We also ordered the our chain drive components. Now we are going to fix the brakes and mount the motor to the Moped. The next few weeks will be quite interesting so stay tooned!


Yesterday 14.10.2015

And Then The Hardships Began

In projects and in life, things never tend to go as smoothly as you’d like. Veli went and bought paint for the brake calipers. The paint just so happened to open in his backpack and so there was paint all over his bag and coat and the sink of a bathroom where he took the paint off of his backpack. Quite a lot of extra trouble and one coat and bag ruined. Quite a day.


The next mishap happened to me 13th of October. I foolishly had connected the wires from our power supply straight to the battery because I though they were connected through the battery balancer. Since we where in a hurry when I asked from Juuso: “Is the connection fine, I haven’t recharged Li-Po batteries before.” And he just said “Yes, yes, get it over with!”. So here we are with one burned power supply. It had a vigorous last spark and a lot of smoke for a tiny fella. Here’s a pic just us hanging out at our lab, just before the accident.


The very same day Jyry witnessed arc of lightning between the motor cables. We hadn’t secured the wires completely so there was some copper showing in the connection of the wires. We should have taped it right away but we didn’t think this would happen. Now the connectors are taped and we are much more aware of the dangers involved with working 30 volts and hundreds of amperes. The Important thing is that no-one got hurt and we will keep it that way.


These events occurred between 8th and 13th of October 2015

Parts, Machining And The First Ride

Yay we received some orders!

We already had a ESC and some 8S Li-Po batteries from the wreckage of  one the last years Mechatronic Projects. We had order a 3000 W electric motor, Cycle Analyst and Electric Throttle which we received 20.9.2015. The Motor isn’t very big only about size of a grown mans fist but we are hopeful that it has enough torque even due it’s size since it’s an outrunner. Here it is:


As we took the moped apart last time we noticed that one of the suspensions rubber holder was broken. It isn’t a very expensive part but we couldn’t find it anywhere for this specific spring. So we decided to make it ourselves. We got some plastic rod from the labs plastic waste and started machine it with a lathe. Here’s a little action with the lathe:


The rubber holder turned out find so after that we put the bike back together. Of course we had to test a little how it rolled…


These events happened 20.9. – 5.10.2015

Time To Roll Up Sleeves And Get To Work!

The day was 17.9.2015 and it was a rainy Thursday

We had recruited new members to our team: Joel, Jyry and Veli. Now the five of us started to tear the moped a part so we could know the structure better and whats still working and what parts are broken.


As you can see on the picture on top the doing really started with a hassle. In less than an hour we had the moped part by part on the floor and started cleaning them up. The bigger parts needed some though love so we took them outside and washed them with a pressure washer. Since it was raining outside, all of was were more or less complete soaked when we came back inside to finish the cleaning with some rags and little help from harsh cemicals.


After the washing and cleaning, heres our heart of the project: The Derbi Senda Frame and Jyry the Crazy-eyes.


The Beginning

My friend and colleague Juuso and I started to ponder the good old days, when we were teenagers and had mopeds. The good thing about those mopeds was they were so cheap. Nowadays both of us own a car and it is really expensive with all the taxes, insurances, maintenance and repairs.

So we started thinking that it would be cool to have a motorbike again and just cruise in the summer. But if we could do it ourselves? What if it could be even cheaper and run on electricity? Maybe even with solar power? Could we implement IOT to it?

So as you probably guess at this point, we were hooked. Immediately we started thinking where to get a cheap moped that we could use. Then Juuso remembered that he still had his old moped at his parents house. He called to his brother to ask if it had been thrown away or not. It wasn’t. It was missing the motor, gearbox and a lot of parts here and there so it was perfect for us. By renovating that old moped we are recycling at the same time. Also the nostalgic value of the old bike that was bought over 10 years ago is something else. This is like a new beginning to something we though was the coolest ever when we were teenagers. And it still is.

Derbi senda

Post date: 10.9.2015