Super Sunday

Today we did a long day but we also got a lot of things done. First thing was to get friendly with our BMS system, REAP. We installed the PC program and next thing to do was to control REAP with USB to CAN converter. This of course needed some knowledge on the REAP system. Me and Joel then printed out couple of the 60 page manuals and quickly went trough them. We didn’t have a stapler so we used a staple gun. That meant that it had to have something behind the paper to support it. Then we came up with a new, innovative way to remember where papers are. Staple it to a piece of wood! You won’t easily forget where that is…

A new innovative way to keep track of your important paperwork.

At the same time as we where reading about REAP and doing the wiring for it Juuso and Jyry where up to something much more useful. They designed and manufactured the back mount for our motor. They succeed on it. But after the attaching the back mount the motor axle didn’t spin. First we though we would need to take the whole motor apart. Then we noticed that the back screws of the motor were a little loose and that was the problem. All and all this was a very successful day for them.

We rapped up the day by planing the electric circuits for the basic lights of the moped. The circuit is in many way incomplete but at least we got it started. We need to buy good connectors and fuse housings before we can wire up the lighting.

Electric circuit sketch for the lighting. 

From now on we will work on the moped every Sunday. We have approximately two months now before the Mechatronic Circus on the Aalto Campus where the moped is going to be shown for the public for the very first time.

Back in Business

We had quite a long break starting before Christmas but now we are going to be back in business!

Little recap: We tried our moped with the RC motor and it burned. Then We recoiled it three times and came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t enough. The last recoiling was interrupt with a sudden news of a new motor. It was from Vehicle research lab and we also received two 24 Volt LiPos for testing. We are planning to get our own batteries once we have tested what is the battery capacity we need.

Tomorrow we are going to put the lights together, fix the back break and figure out how the BMS (Battery Management System) we also loaned works.

The BMS.