Cleaning day

We noticed that we have acquired quite much stuff during these 7 months. It started to get difficult to find anything from our “pile” so I decided to clean up and organize our stuff. Now our cabinet looks like you could actually find something there. In a couple of weeks it’s just going to look the same as before but at least I tried.


We are not going to talk about cleaning for a whole post, no way! So here is a couple of photos of our new awesome looking switch. This switch makes you feel like flying a hornet instead.

Not entirely sure what we are going to use it on but we could do something anticlimactic like turn on the lights 😀

It’s Alive!

We had a long Friday working with the wiring of the moped. As you can see from the picture below the bike finally starts to look somewhat “electric”. Even though we spent a lot of time figuring out the wiring and the software part we couldn’t get a connection from the Sevcon controller to our computer.

Juuso and Joel working with the wiring of our bike.

Once the wires were attached we powered the Sevcon with two laboratory power supplies. Sevcon gave us 6 blinks and that means an error code. The encypted error code was pointing out throttle, encoder and some analog output problems. We checked the wiring (not very carefully though…) and it seemed everything was in order.


Today we weren’t supposed to do anything for the project for the sake of Valenties day. Well by accident me and Jyry sort of ended up at the lab working on the project since I managed to get us and IXXAT Can to USB viewer that is the only viewer that works with Sevcon. We didn’t know that beforehand so we spent a lot of time on Friday trying to connect Sevcon with RMCanview USB. We did some almost proper wiring for the IXXAT (still needs a lot of improvement though..) and then it happened. We actually got a solid connection between the computer and the Sevcon. It is Alive!!!!

We still have a lot of errors but now we have tons of stuff that needs to be figured out. The Sevcon controller has like 300-400 settings and values that need to be adjusted or else the motor might behave quite drastically. With our components (the batteries can give 500 + amperes) we can do some real damage. So we decided to work with the settings next week and not do anything with haste.

Now the project is getting really interesting! Stay tooned 🙂

Slow Sunday…

For some people it’s the Super Bowl Sunday. For us it was more like the “Super Slow Sunday”.

We ordered some basic parts (Stand leg, brake tubing, brake levers, etc) since we need those in any case. We tried to connect the REAP system to our computer but we still need a program to configure the Can to USB viewer. We will get to that during this week.

Some Space opened up for us in the lab so we moved our moped to a better spot. Here is a shot of Veli moving our moped.

Veli moving some precious cargo.

After the part order and moving we kind of hit a speed bump. All of these electric things (ECU, BMS, LiPo Batteries, Motor and CAN bus) sort of overloaded us. We spent hours of thinking about how does this whole thing come together. Those hours were not spent very actively since we ended up watching some cat videos…

Watching cat videos can be a soothing and stress relieving from time to time…

After that me and Juuso sat down for couple of our to design the whole electrical system. In the picture below there is a rough sketch of that in Finnish. It is not a very clear sketch but still a very useful tool for us.


What are we going to do next?

  1. Charge the batteries
    1. Get the connectors you need
  2. Get the program for CAN to USB viewer
  3. Wire up the ECU so it is ready to be configured with the motor and the batteries
    1. Get the connectors you need
  4. Put the motor to a test setup, configure the ECU programming.
  5. Wire up the BMS and configure the program