Rock And ROLL!

Ladies and gentlemen we have a lift off!

After countless hours of debugging, frozen pizzas and terrible humor we finally got the motor running! Look how beautiful it rolls. This is definitely the greatest moment in the project so far. In the picture below we measured the max RPM of our motor to configure the needed gear ratio.

Measuring RPM with IR measurement tool.

When we first plugged the Sevcon controller to our computer with CANbus we got five different errors. After a while we got it down to two. One of the faults was about contactors which use 12 volts. We though that we would have to regulate the 48 V from the Sevcon but actually Sevcon has an Analog output that can give the voltage required which in this case was the 12 volts.

The second fault was a bit more tricky. Our motor had no documentation with it about what encoder it uses or how the encoder wires are color coded. None of us had no knowledge of encoders beforehand so we had our share of homework to do. That wasn’t enough because on top of that we still needed to figure out the wiring. But eventually the hero of the week, Juuso, got it to work.

If you have worked with Sevcon you know how this feels. No words to describe.

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