Power of Electricity

Today we connected the batteries for the first time to the moped. It was quite scary beause working with these voltages (48 V) and the batteries being able to give 500+ amperes it is very dangerous to do these connections in a fuss. So we took our time and did it slowly and safely using the propper protective gear.

Things going great. At least so far…

Before the battery operation we had a meeting about what needs to be done before Aalto Mechatronic Circus which at 7th of April. We listed priorities and we have two major things to do: 1. Get the Moped moving safely 2. Make it look good.

Much text. Such wow.

To get the moped moving we need to know what is our gear ratio. The smallest gear ratio with standard moped gears is around 3. To determine this we of course needed to do some calculations. Me and Juuso did our own versions of these calculation. In the graphs below the gear ratio is shown as a function of wheel speed when the motor speed is kept constant.

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