A lot of hassle

We had quite many things to do for today and we did get most of them done. First thing was finishing the adapter for front gearwheel to our axle. We had to make a keyway and we did the old fashion way with a hydraulic press and a keywaysaw.

Making the keyway.
Finished keyway.

Next we corrected the position of the motor and attached it firmly to the frame of the moped. When the motor was on place it was time to get the front gear in place.

Front gear in place. It’s like art, don’t you think?

Some rewiring also needed to be done because the wires were a mess. We got some of it done but there is a lot more wire that has to be wired to be out of sight and protected from external loads. After the rewiring we tried to get the back brake to work but after hours of oil bleeding we came to the conclusion that the bleed nipple or the brake saddle itself is broken. We are going to get a spare part for next time.

Last thing we did today was installing the chain to the gearwheels. With the chain the moped looks more like motorcycle.

Chains in place.

Because the brake wasn’t working and it was already getting late we decided to put off the test drive to Tuesday eve. Still some enthusiasm was detected…

Ready to go!

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