We Have a Lift Off!

Today was the biggest day of the project for us. It was a new test drive with the new electric drivetrain. First we had to hook up the cables to the batteries. The cables are so thick that they don’t bend very well hence the Dr.Octopus -look.

Wiring up. Tape is best for prototyping insulation.
Finishing touches here and there…

This was. Jyry was on the moped. The excitement and suspense was mixed in the darkness of Tuesday evening. After few moments we would know how well we have calculated the chain transmission and whats the quality of our self-made parts.

Deep thoughts. What is going happen in a few seconds?

How was it? Everything worked! Just as expected 🙂 Actually better than expected. We though that the moped would make some noise as it did inside but when the motor had some load all that disappeared. The moped was more silent than a bicycle. It also moved very graciously compared to the RC “toy”-setup that we had installed in the fall.

This is just the beginning!

“Woooooooooooh!” – Jyry

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