Test Drive, Lights and Appearance

I didn’t have time to write during the last few weeks before Mechatronic Circus because of the project took all my time. After the battery surgery we tested the bike. Now all the cells work perfectly and the BMS system started to equalize the voltage between the cells. We also ramped up the settings on our Sevcon and now the moped is more powerful and better to drive.

Joel was our test driver of the day.

We don’t have pictures of doing the cables and circuit for the lightining but it wasn’t that hard. Me and Juuso spent couple of days doing it since it still required quite a lot of wires and we ended up doing couple of mistakes as usual…

Then couple of days before the Mechatronic Circus we started to put effort to the mopeds appeareance. We repaired the old plastic bodywork with plastic padding and then sanded of all of the old paint. After that we spent one evening designing the stickers for the final touch. Here’s a few photos of the process:

Before putting the bodywork the bike looked as it had for couple of months now and there was a big difference comparing that to the final result. In the next post the final look will be revealed…

The night before Circus.

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