The Mechatronic Circus

The day was finally upon us. It was time to show Felmo for public. Here’s couple of photos of the repainted and finished bodywork just before the Circus:

We also shot a video as an introduction for the event. Before the Circus there was a Digital Breakfast event in the Aalto K1 building and our job was to guide people from the breakfast to the circus. So we shooted a video about getting to the breakfast from the Circus venue. Here is a link to our video on Vimeo: Felmo3000 – Intro

We also took some pictures when making the video. Here’s a couple of our best shots.:



It’s quite amazing, isn’t it? We were really proud of what we have accomplished, how the moped looks and moves. We also got a lot positive feedback from the visitors of the Circus. Most of the people were really interested in the of the moped. We have calculated that the range should be around 60 km with our batteries but we still need to test it. To test it, we need to register it.

During the spring we are finishing up other projects and we are going to come back to this project in the early summer.

Next up: Registration. What then? 🙂

Here is our poster for the Mechatronic Circus

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