Battery Surgery, vol 2

Even thought we got the thing running, we still had to deal with the broken cell. So it was time to get the scalpel and masks and do some battery transplantation. Or more like partial heart removal. Everything went well, now we have a safer and more reliable energy storage, yay!


Here is the finalized battery, good as new!


Back in Business!

After years of watching the project rot, we decided to resurrect our beloved Felmo3000 project!

When we put the moped away, we knew that one of the cells of the battery pack #1 was in poor shape. However, as we checked the voltage levels, we were suprised that cell was in OK shape – a test drive was destined to happen.

Of course some preliminary stuff was to be done: refilling the tires, connecting wires, attaching the IoT Raspberry Pi that Jyry had implemented in his Master’s thesis 2 years ago. After just four hours and few rolls of tape everything was set!

(Of course, as any self-respecting IoT system, we had on board, integrated keyboard)